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Come inside, pour some hot cocoa, and warm up with Christopher K. Junium, PhD, Assistant Professor of Earth Sciences, Department of Earth Sciences, Syracuse University, as he gives his talk entitled, "The Snowball Earth."

Earth’s climate has changed tremendously over its history.  Did you know that the Earth nearly froze solid 2.3 billion years ago and again 700 million years ago?  We will discuss how this may have happened, how the Earth warmed after the snowball events and how life survived.

Chris studies how life and climate interact of through Earth’s history by analyzing the chemistry of ancient sediments.  He is particularly interested in how the concentrations of oxygen have changed in the atmosphere and ocean over time, and how life responds to transitions in Earth’s climate state.  His research spans the last 2.5 billion years of Earth’s history, and his research has taken him as far away as the Arctic Circle and as close as Green Lakes State Park.  Recently, he spent two months as a scientist aboard the research vessel JOIDES Resolution to recover sediment cores from the Atlantic Ocean in an effort to better understand the causes of extremely warm climate 50 million years ago.

Chris received his B.S. in Geology from Dickinson College in 2000 and his Ph.D. from The Pennsylvania State University in Geosciences in 2010. From there he moved to Northwestern University under an Agrougon Institute Geobiology Fellowship.  He started at Syracuse University in January of 2012.

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