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The next disruptive technology is here. Drones are changing the world, and the sky is no longer the limit. From package deliveries to mining, from search and rescue operations to precision agriculture, drones are becoming a powerful tool used in a wide variety of applications. Very quickly drones introduced new risks and complications for air traffic control. With the introduction of the FAA’s Part 107 rules, an individual can now become an FAA certified small unmanned aircraft system remote pilot and conduct flights for commercial purposes safely and legally. Come learn about drones, the prototypes built for various applications at the Center for Advanced Systems and Engineering at Syracuse University and their capabilities, and what it takes to become a remote pilot!


Ian Joyce is the manager of the Center for Advanced Systems and Engineering (CASE) prototype development lab at Syracuse University. He is an accomplished FAA certified pilot and a licensed mission commander through NUAIR. Several years before starting his career at Syracuse University he was building and flying high altitude, long range fixed wing drones for hobby use. His passion led him to the current position at the university. He is heavily involved in an assortment of different drone/UAS research projects. He assists faculty in the development of new drone technology, building and testing custom aircrafts. His work has been featured in several publications in a variety of fields such as earth sciences, civil engineering, and aerospace engineering. Ian continues to work with both fixed wing and multirotor drones in areas of cyber security, counter UAS security, and aerospace engineering.

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