Affordable Housing in Central New York

Affordable Housing in Central New York

Friday, June 14th, 2024 12:00pm to 1:30pm
Registration required for online viewing

The event is free and online! A link to virtually attend using Zoom will be sent to those registered the day before the event. Registration closes 11am on June 14.

The City of Syracuse is made up of diverse neighborhoods – both in terms of people and of housing. Some neighborhoods are stable and market rate housing is both desirable and available. Other neighborhoods are struggling with low housing values and many vacant lots or abandoned properties. Several groups have been addressing how to match people who need affordable housing with properties and homes that need owners or renters. The panel for this discussion includes three people directly engaged on this topic from three different organizations.

We will encourage cross dialog with attendees about how these organizations might be working together on some of the current issues and challenges in which the public may like to engage – particularly in light of the expected pressure on housing affordability due to the pending Micron project in Central New York.


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