SyracuseCoE Research & Technology Forum | Webinar

SyracuseCoE Research & Technology Forum | Webinar

Friday, September 3rd, 2021 12:00pm to 1:00pm
: Online
Registration required

SyracuseCoE Research & Technology Forum | Webinar

COVID Safety in Schools: A New Variant for a New Year

Friday, September 3rd, noon – 1:00p, registration required

Abstract: Widespread school closings, like we’ve seen through the COVID-19 pandemic, create long-term individual and societal costs. It is in the best interest of children and families for schools to remain open. To do that, every effort must be made to keep children healthy.

In the last year, we have learned a great deal about preventing COVID-19 transmission with in-person instruction. The delta variant now challenges us to make use of every layer of prevention. The good news is that children are at a lower risk than adults and there is a new body of evidence that shows that kids can be kept safe at school with a holistic, multi-layered plan to reduce exposure, limit transmission and respond to outbreaks.

This fall, how can schools prioritize risk reduction measures for COVID-19?

We will speak with Harvard researcher and exposure science expert Dr. Joseph Allen and East Syracuse Minoa School Superintendent Dr. Donna DeSiato to describe the most valuable strategies and how they can be effectively implemented in schools, even with limited budgets and staff.

Details are available online.